Sunday, April 15, 2007


Horse Sketch by Jennifer PhillipCopyright Jennifer Phillip

Line art for my next project. Figured it was about time that I did something in graphite, so this has been copied onto Stonehenge paper ready to shade. He looks really happy here, which is strange because he looks kind of sad in real life.

Graphite doesn't take me as long as anything I do in coloured pencil, so hopefully this might be done by tomorrow, no promises though. If I go to the Meffan (local gallery) tomorrow, it might not get completely finished. There is a show on that I really would like to see, possible report when I get back.

There is confusion to which veggies that John planted are in what pot. I think until the vegetable gets dug out its going to be a mystery as to what it is because I am not sure if people here know what the leaves on certain veggies look like. Luckily we know where the rhubarb is, don't want someone to accidently eat that.

At least with the flowers, we know what is where, but my lilies don't seem to be growing. :( The daisies are thriving, but the rest of the flowers doesn't seem to be sprouting. With the gorgeous weather we are having I am hoping it will help the flowers decide to grow.

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