Monday, April 16, 2007


Horse Head by Jennifer Phillip
Copyright Jennifer Phillip

Only worked for about 2 hours on this today due to my shoulder really acting up. Must see if I can get better pain killers. As much as I hate taking them, its not good for my shoulder to hurt as much as it does. On the plus side, I might end up with some really colourful paintings from taking stronger pills.

Just starting to put down the first layer of graphite with a 4h pencil. Once I have all the basic shading done and added any markings to him, then I will go over any areas that need darkening.

Tried drawing outside, but my drawing board threatened to fly away and probably would have ended up hitting someone in the head, or poked someone's eye out. At the very least someone would have had one huge nasty paper cut, and I don't think we have band aids that are 2 feet long. (Do they sell band aids that big??)

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