Thursday, April 26, 2007

Something Lives!!

Some kind of flower is growing in one of my pots outside. Not sure if its one of the lilies, it very well could be a weed, but at least something is growing. My green thumb of death hasn't struck again *knocks on wood*

Doctor switched my meds, the ones I was on were doing nothing but making me tired, and while I probably needed the sleep, I don't like feeling drowsy in the middle of the day. So time to see what the new meds do, and hopefully they don't make me pass out. No news on when I am going to see the neurologist, hopefully soon. Been doing some reading on neuropathy, it does sound like what my problem is, but of course it could be something completely different.

I love how red this bush (forest flame) gets, but it doesn't stay that red for long. :(

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