Saturday, May 19, 2007

Odin Finished?

Rottie Sketch by Jennifer Rose Phillip
"Odin" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
7 by 6 Inches
Graphite on Card Stock

Finished, but I don't know if darkening it made it look funny or made it look better. Practice makes perfect. :) I like the sketchy look, but I realize its not for everyone. Had fun drawing him.

There is a huge spider sitting in the corner of the bathroom, about the size of a pound coin. Been there all day. Kinda creepy, and completely pointless to write about.

In other animal news, I was hanging out the laundry and standing right by the bird box, when the blue tits that are trying make it a home were flying in and out. Just surprised me because I was less than a foot away and I was moving, but they didn't seem worried at all. Either they know I am not going to hurt them, or they are so used to me hanging out laundry that am just another lawn ornament for them (which goes to show how much laundry I hang out). Too bad I didn't have the camera with me, would have made really nice pictures.

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