Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blue Horse?

Coloured pencil Clydesdale by Jennifer Rose Phillip"Blue Eyes" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I love the dark blue colour of this paper but it is really hard to get a good scan because of it. Not really sure why that is, but it probably is the same reason it is hard getting good scans when using black paper. Worked more on the Clydesdale, its taking a little longer than I thought it would. I'm trying not to rush this, and it takes longer trying to get as much detail as I can on the horse when its not that big of a drawing. So I have to keep sharpening the pencils, good thing I have new sharpeners or I would have to use knives to sharpen them to a point. And people don't like when I use a knife. (I'm not going to stab people [no really I'm not], I just have a bad habit of accidentally stabbing myself. That and I'm often tossing knives into the sink. Knife throwing is a good skill to have ;) )

Anyway, the colour of the paper is going to show through the coloured pencil, I don't really want to burnish the browns because I don't want a really smooth look. I actually really like how it adds some extra colour to the horse.

My eyes are going all wiggy again, so not sure what the doctors can do. Can't really give me any more steroids to try and help, so we will see what they say tomorrow if we can get a hold of someone.

I could not think of a title for this post, going to run out of colours eventually.


leslie said...

I am loving the color of this.

Rita said...

Looking good so far, Jennifer!
I love the colour of paper you've chosen for this, what type of paper is it (forgive me if I'm a knob and you've posted that info already...it's really hot here and my brain is melting).

Good work...oh, and I'm a fan of the paper peeking through the drawing as well! ;)

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Leslie :)

Rita- I don't think I did mention the type of paper (I forget), its Mi Tientes. For the moment I can get it pre-cut to A4 size so its handy to buy that way. I can get full size sheets here, but space becomes an issue. Not hot here, a nice 15-22 degrees. I don't miss the hot weather in Ontario at all :p (I miss the lake though)

leslie said...

Just was introduced to this blog today. You should keep an eye on it. Great horses to draw.


I came to this via Jackie Morris.


Jennifer Rose said...

I love those horses! Gorgeous breed, hard to find good pictures of them sometimes though. :)
Thanks for the links.