Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yellow Horse

"Blue Eyes" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I only had yellow transfer paper left, so I'm hoping that it comes off fairly easy when needed. Only worked for about 20 minutes on this, so all you get too see right now are some ears. And very simplified ears at that. This is actually on very dark blue paper, its almost black. So I have to rely more on the highlights to define the shape of the horse. Its a nice challenge, and time will tell if it works. Once this is done, I will have to do some colour correcting to get the right paper colour, so right now its not a true colour likeness (at least on our monitor).

More daisies :) Many of them are starting to flower, and it would be nice if they all decided to come up at once, I know they won't, but I can still hope. A bed that is 6 by 3 feet roughly full of daisies would look gorgeous and a little chaotic. And we finally had a day where the sun was shining for most of it. About time.

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