Saturday, August 18, 2007

Scottish Words Together #1

List of Scottish words posted so far (august 18,2007)

1) Awa an bile yer heid= Simply "Get lost, shut up" (isn't that charming....)

Peely-Wally= "Sick looking" /"Pale"

Coo= "Cow" I was going to write it is pronounce "moo" but thought that would give the answer away. :)

4) Cuddy="Horse" and sometimes a "Donkey" I had thought that it was a cow, but I was laughed at and told what it was. But I am not the only one who thought it was a cow, I have met a few Scottish people that thought it was a cow as well, so I don't feel like that much of an idiot.

5) poke means "bag" Leslie guessed it right :)

6) Loupin means "Gross" it can also mean "leaping" The first time I heard it was when I had John try peanut butter. Yeah that didn't go over very well. ;) But I feel the same way about haggis. That is definitely loupin.

7) Tattie bogle means "Scarecrow" Heres a poem about a scarecrow that wasn't doing its job. We tried to read this aloud and everyone was stumbling over certain words.

8) scrievin means "screeching"

9) stoor means "dust"

10) midden which Leslie correctly guessed as meaning its a junk pile or a dung heap. Sometimes used to describe a dirty room.

11) gean is a wild cheery or a cherry tree. But no one in the house has ever heard of the word.

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