Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bald Bird

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Short post today and another little ACEO. Just roughed out the feather placement, and put the background in. This might be another one of those cases where I thought the background would be nice looking but it turns out that it isn't. I think I will end up darkening it so that the bird stands out more. I am going to use lots of purples and yellows in the feathers, colours you probably don't expect to find on a raptor, but if you look closely they are there :)

And I had never been drooled on by a cat until the other day (she was purring so much drool was falling on my lap, she was healthy don't worry about that, just very very happy :p ). Bitten ( I have the scars to prove it!) by cats plenty but never drooled on.

Todays Scottish word:
1) wallies

Answer to yesterday Scottish word:
1) tawse is a leather strap with 2 or more thongs on the end. Like the belt people use to get in school.


leslie said...

My father's father, Poppy, kept a 'cat and nine tails' behind the door in case one of us kids needed a good terrifying!
Never got slapped with it, but cried at the sight of it, just the same :) Very effective.

Cat drool? Oh, yeah. You were makin' it Very Happy.

Jennifer Rose said...

LOL, yeah she was very happy. (Very nice cat though, I wish she was mine)

And all I can say is OUCH! That would definitely put any kid off of doing something bad