Sunday, September 02, 2007

More Wonderful Horses

More Photos of the Devils Horsemen performing. We have video, but it is more than 9 minutes long and I am not %100 sure I can put it online. So enjoy some more pictures. We took over 700 of them during the whole day. The joys of a digital camera :)

The horse got up with him on his back. And he was doing some other very nice tricks with the horse, whos name I have forgotten.
This shows the speed the horses were running at. The rider had to knock a little piece of wood off its peg while galloping by. You can see it flying just over the lance.

And its the Black Knight in the distance. I was cheering for him :D Actually a lot of people were cheering lol. He died in the end though. Boo

Fight medieval style.
Todays Scottish Word:
1) oot its an easy one. Just say it the way it is written a few times and people might get it :) (nothing to do with an owl ;) )

Answer to yesterdays Scottish word:
1) haud is to hold something. So you were really close Leslie :)

Countryside Festival
The Devils Horsemen


Rita said...

Awesome horse pics Jennifer!!
I'd love to watch something like that, I think it would be really exciting and neat to see everyone done up in costume.
I don't pity those fully armoured riders in the Summer sun though...

Jennifer Rose said...

It was very exciting to see and we were right up at the fence, so had a really nice view of everything. Could have reached out and touched the horses as the galloped by (would be missing hand if I did though). Hopefully you get to see a show like that soon :)

Thankfully it wasn't that hot out, and there was a bit of a wind (But I did end up with a burnt nose, look like a clown :p)