Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mutant Seagulls

5:11 am.

Everyday for the past 3 weeks the seagulls start screeching. I don't mind the other birds making noises, its the damn mutant seagulls that have eaten one too many crisps and one too many leftover fish supper and have gotten huge that have this horribly high pierced shriek.


Repeat the screeching. *goes to look for earplugs*

*badly drawn gulls* (sounds like a band name :p)


leslie said...

The cheeky ba..., well, gulls, would swoop down and steal food out of our hands at the beach.

Pretend you're in a lovely beach cottage, and they are luring you to come hunting for shells... :)

leslie said...

Drawn and Quartered Gulls

Jennifer Rose said...

They would do that in Port Dover where I used to live too, but at least there you didn't feel like they could grab your head and lift you off the ground lol :p Possibly lose a finger though mistaken for a fry ;)

A lovely beach cottage sounds so nice right about now :D

leslie said...

I forgot to say... I love the sketch of the gulls...very funny. Made me laugh!