Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Business Cards

Just to let people know, that images are appearing and disappearing on Blogger, its very frustrating*

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
2.5 by 3.5 Inches
£5 Plus Shipping
Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing

So I redesigned my business cards and designed a banner for my Etsy shop. Went with a simple white background. I did have the background a dark blue but some (a very few) said it was a little hard to read so I decided to change it to be easier on the eyes. Used the tiger I drew a few posts back and of course the dragon I drew a long time ago and use on a lot of business related designs.

This is the front of the card, without my number on it at the moment. Don't want people calling me offering any number of things I don't need (no, I don't need any insurance, no I don't need a free ipod by signing up for 20 different other things, nor do I need any kind of drug that will help me [dammit I'm a girl], ah the joys of spam).

The back has my address on it when its printed ( I can't imagine the spam I would get through the mail). The images are big when clicked on, just to warn people.

And then I used the same images to make my banner for Etsy. Its very simple, but I can always change it in the future. There is nothing in the shop at the moment, but there will be soon and I will post here as soon as I add things.

Todays Scottish Word:
1) semmit

Answer to Yesterdays Scottish Word:
1) freen is a friend :)


Rita said...

Love the business cards, they're really sharp looking! That tiger image really works for that format, doesn't it?

I read something yesterday about images disappearing on Blogger, something about an infected computer. Don't they make vaccines for that sort of thing nowadays?

Jennifer Rose said...

The tiger does work really well in that format :)

Thanks for the info about the virus. I shouldn't have it on my computer because I haven't clicked any weird links or email attachments, but just to be on the safe side I'm running my virus checker on this computer. :)

leslie said...

I love the business cards. the lettering is great. Is that also of your design?
semmit = =the stuff between the bricks
semmit = something
semmit = just a minute
heck, I don't know. They would laugh me out of the country.

Jennifer Rose said...

No, the font is one I found online, there are 2 different ones, not too sure what they are called off the top of my head though.

Anyone of those guesses makes more sense that what it actually does mean lol I get laughed at all the time in this country :p

Serena said...

Your business cards and banner are FABULOUS!!! :)