Monday, September 17, 2007

Shires on Black WIP #2

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So here are another 2 progress shots of the Shire horses. I finished up the white face on the young one and started to put his/her fuzzy forelock in. I can tell a few places that need to be darkened; the side of his face, and areas of the hair but I might wait to do that until more of the picture is finished. I made sure to follow the direction the hair grew when filling in the white areas, it really helps a lot to make the horse look less flat.

I had to redraw the right ear, I messed it up in the original line drawing so had to change it a little bit. You don't notice it when the hair has been roughed in, but you can see the changes I had to make in the ear above.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

When trying to get the fluffy/fuzzy look I kept my pencil strokes very loose and messy. The horse looked like it hadn't had a brush near it's head for weeks, so I was hoping this would look the same. I still need to add a few more messy layers and add some more hair to the fuzzy ears to complete the look.

I'm not going for a photo-realistic look with this drawing. I'm trying to draw something cute, (don't ask why, I have no idea)

Todays Scottish word:

Answer to yesterdays Scottish word:
1) laverock is a skylark. Doesn't make any sense to me


Rita said...

Looks good so far Jennifer! I find foals/ yearlings really hard to do, I guess it's all that "fluff". :D
I like doing cutesy stuff from time to time too (usually horse related), not really sure why tho...

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Rita :)
I think everyone needs to draw something cute once and awhile ( but most of the time I try to draw cute, it doesn't work...)