Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shires on Black WIP

So I decided the colouring on the Stonehenge paper was taking too long and decided to switch to using Daler Rowney Murano paper. Its not a true black, the paper is called "Midnight" but it is close enough for me. I do remember writing that more than likely I would end up switching paper, and I did really try to do this picture on the Stonehenge, but the time it was taking me to do a small area was driving me insane, so hence the switch. I can always work on the other piece in the future and than compare the 2.

Shire WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose PhillipShire WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So here we have this version on the black paper coloured up to the point of the last post on the Stonehenge paper. It is a bit of a different look, and it takes less time. About an hour compared to the 3 it took on the Stonehenge paper. The paper will take about 3-4 layers before you sometimes have a hard time overlapping colours, but that works really well with my style.

For some reason I really feel like I am painting when using this paper, the colours just seem to glide over each other and blend the way acrylics do for me when I paint. It is probably hard to explain.

Not really sure what this will look like on other monitors. I have such a hard time scanning dark coloured papers.

And just so I can gloat, I think today was the first day I have ever won when playing Scrabble. I kicked every one's doup. ;) (I usually can't spell to save my life)

Todays Scottish word:
1) laverock

Answer to yesterdays Scottish word:
1) hap means to cover or wrap


leslie said...

laverock = the crusty formations formed after a volcano errupts

laverock = palaver, or useless speech, and the music you listen to while speaking useless speech.

leslie said...

Who's doup got beat at Scrabble? John's?
I love Scrabble.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol, this is another word that I have no idea why it means what it does. It doesn't make any sense. :S One would think that it does have to do with volcanoes, but its actually a living thing.

I love playing Scrabble, I'm just not very god at it. I beat everyone in the house, which makes the victory even better :D lol