Thursday, September 06, 2007

Take a Bow

coloured pencil horse aceo Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
"Take a Bow" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes paper
2.5 by 3.5 inches

I really like this card, the yellow seems to glow. I'm really starting to get addicted to colouring ACEOs, its nice to finish art in less than 2 hours and they make really nice colour studies for larger pieces.

I was going to have a video of the bagpipes from Saturday, but its taking over an hour to try to upload it to YouTube, so I will try again tomorrow after trying to make it a little smaller. (unless it uploads in the next 15 minutes before I go to bed :p)

Todays Scottish Word:
1) fash

Answer to yesterdays Scottish word:
1) semmit is a vest or a coat. Yeah, another one that had me stumped. lol


leslie said...

fash = the shpeed you can run after a few pintsh. But jesh a few...
fash = sounds, really, like some part of a roof of a building.

Jennifer Rose said...

LOL!! Love the first guess :D