Saturday, October 20, 2007

Going Away

Be back in a week with pictures, more Scottish words and hopefully some art. :D Please come back then :) (of course this is unless I buy too many candy rockets /fuzzy fabric and it stops the plane getting airborne :P I'm addicted to candy rockets)
Not sure if will have net access back in the land of snow, moose and beavers eh! :P
Apologies if you send me a message and I don't reply then the above should explain (or that I have been maimed by some possessed deer).
*starts signing Canadian anthem* wait....I can't remember the words :P


pencilwizard said...

Have a great week away Jennifer.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks :D

Rita said...

Have a good trip and don't forget to have some Timmie's when you're here in the Great White!

Jennifer Rose said...

Sadly Timmies isnt as good as i remembered :( *cries* Maybe it was just the one that I have been to so far *crosses fingers for better donuts*

And the trees are gorgeous colours still :D