Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Neocolours 2 Experiment

So here is my quick little experiment using the Neocolours and coloured pencil together. First I put down a single light layer of the neocolours. I wasn't sure how much of the crayons to actually use, but remembered reading that you didn't need that much. I used vermillon as the basic colour for the tomatoes and added a bit of orange. The shadows were done using violet and ultramarine.

I added water to that layer. Didn't need that much water and it didn't dry very fast, giving me more than enough time to push the colour around with the brush. It only took maybe an hour to be completely dry, but I left it overnight just to be sure it was nice and dry before I added any coloured pencil to it. This was done on Stonehenge paper and didn't buckle and the water didn't soak through. I wouldn't recommend if you use this paper to use buckets of water, but for light washes it works well when you don't have any watercolour paper around.

And here is the finished piece after the coloured pencil has been applied. Very easy to go over the surface with the pencils, and they blended without any problems.

"Three of a Kind" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
2.5 by 3.5 Inches
Coloured Pencil and Neocolours 2 on Stonehenge paper

£5 plus shipping
Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing before I put it up on Etsy

I love these Neocolours. They make things so much easier when covering areas with coloured pencil. I am definitely going to be using them a lot in the future. :)

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