Monday, November 12, 2007

New Website Design

So what do the people that read this blog think? Too green? Too bright? The green is bright on my screen but it doesn't hurt my eyes. But I wont to know if it does hurt anyone's eyes or if you think it might turn people away from the site?

It will of course be bigger and there will be a news box under where it says news and between the dragons tail. I will add my Etsy store to the for sale section because I think for the moment it will just be easier for any potential buyers.

Any suggestions are most welcome!


Meg Lyman said...

Looks good so far! I agree the green is bright, but it doesn't hurt my eyes either. If you are worried about that, you could change the background from black to "almost black..." just really dark grey.

Also, if the dragon is going to be "background," he's fine, but if you want him to stand out more, you could thicken his lines.

This is exciting - if I saw this front page, I'd definitely want to look at the art!

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks for the suggestion about the background meg, that might work well changing the colour a little :) I thought about thickening the lines on the dragon, probably will so he stands out more.

leslie said...

I agree about thickening the dragon lines.
Aren't you glad to have us suggest more work for you? :)
This looks great!