Friday, December 07, 2007

All Lit Up

For some reason whenever we go to Dundee to take pictures of the lights its always raining.But it wasn't really that cold so thats a plus. I love these blue lights, much more colour I thought this year than the last but most of the pictures are blurry :(

And the start of another drawing. The plan is to have it a set of 2 close-ups, hopefully focusing more on the tack the horses where wearing. I only have one sheet of this paper colour (Canson mi-tientes), and can't seem to get any more. I don't even know what the colour is called because it shows up lighter here, its more of a reddish brown in person. I think I have another sheet of dark blue which might go with the colour of this paper or might have to take a small corner of it and take it paper shopping with me to find a match. Which might get me some odd looks from people....

One horse is a dark bay, the other is a really light red roan (I think?). I think they will look really nice side by side.

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