Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mine is an Evil Blog

I got a laugh out of this. Its a small list of keywords that lead people to my blog.

1. how to make fabric labels
2. evil kitten pictures
3. blog fabric labels
4. birds on ice
5. fuzzy business cards
6. kittens and dragons, art
7. evil kitten
8. every day matters
9. evil kitten photo
10. fuzzy hairy cow long horns
11. patterns for stuffed dragons
12. everyday matters
13. pics of evil kittens
14. evil pictures of dragons

Lots of evil :p

My evil fabric labels that I purchased from JennifersJewels at Etsy. I really like the way they turned out and can't wait to add them to things. :)


Rita said...

That's too funny! In reading some of the search terms that people use it kinda makes you wonder what people are up to, eh?

Nice "evil" labels, too! :p

Jennifer Rose said...

up to something evil! :p

Roshanda said...

That is funny. I love your header here. He is so cute!

leslie said...

One day my entire blog search was for "Wind in the Willows, Moneybags". Seems that Toad, from Wind In the Willows, was a New York Times Crossword puzzle word, and I had mentioned both WIW and the word moneybags. What I learned from that is that folks may well 'cheat' on the crossword puzzle!