Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Sheep!!

"Puffin WIP" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

How come whenever I draw a puffin it looks like a cartoon character? Not so much here, but the rough sketch would have fit right into a Disney movie. :p

Didn't go to Camperdown. The weather was crap. Nice and sunny but windy and cold, hopefully next week. So instead of pictures, heres some more video of me rambling like an idiot :p (for 17 minutes!)


leslie said...

I get so tickled at your little yips and squeals as you go over the bumps! :)
I love 'our' rides in the country!

leslie said...

Oh, and puffins look like cartoon in real life :)
I think puffins are one of my favorite birds.

Jennifer Rose said...

I actually sound like an idiot when I do that lol
Took a really long ride in the country today, and took lots of video so hopefully I have that up here soon. Puffins are really cool, there is a colony around here somewhere, just not sure where exactly.