Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jumps for Joy!!

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MIL taught me to knit! I have had people try to teach me before, but I always ended up with a huge knot and pissed off teacher :p Reading tizzalicious's Blog made me want to try again (and the fact that artists block seems to be setting in). So while its not much to look at, I'm realy happy that I learned how to knit (and every time I slipped a stitch I cursed and the air turned blue :p !*$&)

So I don't think there really is anything else that is crafty that I want to learn. I already know how to:

knit (about time!)
cross stitch
screen printing
bead work
lino block printing
cake decorating
finger painting (ok so that should count :p)

I have the green thumb of death so plants are out. Hubby always has to help me :p I can't think of anything else that I know how to do. Any suggestions of things I could try?? (not too expensive :P)


Serena said...

Congratulations on learning to knit. I think it's a wonderful craft.

I have the green thumb of death too though I'm not as bad as what I used to be. I think succulents and cacti are my plant of choice as they seem to survive quite well. lol

Have a Wonderful and Happy Easter!!!

Ann said...

Baking artisan breads. That's on my list :)

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks serena :) I kill even cacti lol

ann, like fancy flavoured bread?

Ann said...

Yeah. As far as I know it involves flour, kneading dough, maybe a baking stone, and tasting a lot of wonderful bread. Not to mention that delicious smell of home baked bread coming from the kitchen :) Actually there are books available - I may get one to try my hand at these fancy breads.

leslie said...


Jennifer Rose said...

hmmm yeah I could try basket weaving, haven't tried that :D And I could try baking too but the oven hates me lol

leslie said...

Baskets made of bread.