Friday, March 28, 2008


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We found normal sized Oreos today! So now I'm full of sugar :p (notes on the pic if you click it). And there are shockingly some still left! Still can't find corn meal though!! No one knows where I could get some. hmph

Didn't really draw as I hurt my hand, so its awkward trying to draw without my wrist laying on the desk. Probably pulled a tendon :/ hmm if only I could draw with my left hand.

Part 3 of the drive on the 26th (and I still don't think there was enough snow to go Snowboarding) 8:20 minutes Just lots of video of snow

Part one
Part Two


pencilwizard said...

You piggy gal lol.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol there are still a few left!

Tizzalicious said...

Hmmm, Oreos <3

Ann said...

Enjoy the Oreos! Sorry about your hand - hope it's all better soon! Eating Oreos will probably help.

Jennifer Rose said...

The Oreos are now gone :( but they were good lol

My hand feels better today, still a little tender so hopefully its better completely by tomorrow. thanks :)