Thursday, April 24, 2008

Family Tree SPT

Family Tree SPT
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I was going to post a picture of a starter cacti but I can't find my seeds to start one. I have looked everywhere, and its starting to look like the incident that happened with the Foxgloves last year (missing seeds but those are starting to grow now). hmm and I know as soon as I go and buy some more seeds I will find the first ones. If I can find them I was going to have a naming contest for the growing seedling (is that what little cacti are called?). Pick the best name from suggestions and the winner would get a little cacti ACEO. Yes I name plants :p Probably a silly idea but I thought it would give someone a little piece of art. :)

This is a really quick SPT. I want to start a family tree and I have a feeling its going to take a long long time. And finding my mother's maiden name relations might be a problem because I don't speak Hungarian lol Dad's side is easy for a few generations but after that it is going to take a lot of digging.


leslie said...

I like the name Pokey for a cactus.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol well that is better than what I usually call them ;)