Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am not Happy

Normally I do not use this blog to really complain, yes I do sometimes but I still try to put all the major complaining over on my Livejournal. But I am pissed off. The surgery that I was supposed to have happened tomorrow has been cancelled because once again there were problems with my notes. They were not read properly so they did not know that I had VWD and need to have my levels checked before and after surgery.

I phoned up the Haematology department to ask if they had been contacted as they were supposed to and they had not. They said to me that I should not be having it done at the hospital the appointment was booked at, but it should be done at the hospital in Dundee because they are equipped to deal with any emergency that might happen.

So the surgery is not happening today. Not sure when it will be happening. And I am still left in pain. I'm pissed off and running out of pain meds that I can take that will work. Stupidly I should have phone Haematology a week ago and than it probably would have been sorted out. But what was I thinking that hospitals actually read notes and communicate between each other. *sarcasm*

I promise to be in a better mood later :p


Tizzalicious said...

Aargh, that really sucks :S I hope you'll be able to get surgery soon!

Jennifer Rose said...

yeah it does :/ I hoping they get back to me in the next few days, but I am not holding my breath :/

Ann said...

Well, I hope when it does get sorted out that all goes well for you. Take care :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks ann :) I'm hoping it gets sorted soon.

leslie said...

Not reading the notes...hmmm.... really instills confidence, doesn't it?
I would be screaming!

Jennifer Rose said...

yeah it really makes me want to let them cut me open
I wasn't screaming but John was lol