Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Over the next few days (hopefully days not weeks) I am going to be finishing my website. I need to update the art, add commission info and add links. Now this is what I need help with. I need some more links. You don't have to link back but if you want your link here and on my site just let me know :) Also if you have any interesting art or craft links those would be helpful too :D

I like the how simple my site looks I just need to work on updating it and seeing if all the code works properly :)

so send me your links please (preferably stuff that isn't going to send people screaming and running away lol) If you have a site banner even better :D

Which reminds me I should probably update my site banners




Mary Rogers said...

I enjoy your blog and art style. I already have you linked on my blog through blogrolling, so I know when you update. Here are links to my blog and my etsy:

By the way, I discovered you through your work!

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks mary :)

I will add the links to my site when I fix it :)