Monday, April 28, 2008


There have been a lot of snails in the yard lately. Probably due to the weather. Picked this little guy up and he went immediately right back into his shell and no matter how still I kept he wouldn't come out. I remember collecting snails with my friend when I was a kid and keeping them in a tub with plants for them to crawl over. I can pick up snails but can't pick up slugs. ugh they creep me out which is weird considering snails are just slugs with shells.

Worked on the eagle some more. Added more feather which is just a lot of layers of pencil strokes over and over again. I need to add more brown to him, he looks a little too red for me.

And a grey scale so people can see where I need to darken the values. Mostly darken the picture around the back of his head and his neck area.

Suggestions for a title anyone?


decadentdiamond said...

Ew snails!!!!!!!!

The eagle is looking great. I instantly thought of 'Celtic' when you asked for a suggestion, only because thebackground colours remind me of the Irish flag!.. and the eagles' body is almost like the white part of it.

Chrissy said...

The trouble with snails is that they munch new plants.... :-( Now if I could get them to much my dandelions ;-) Your eagle is coming a long beautifully. It seems like you are really good at taking your time, whereas I could do with a lesson on patience ;-D

Tizzalicious said...

Iiiie, I'm terrified of both slugs and snails!

Jennifer Rose said...

That is a nice title :) thats only a small part of the background but if I crop it to that section the title really fits :D

well I am hoping they don't get into the greenhouse, all the new plants are in there. *crosses fingers* the slug ate all the cauliflower John tried to grow last year :/

slugs gross me out, almost as bad as maggots *runs away*