Monday, April 21, 2008


"Eagle WIP" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Close up of the Eagle I am working on (too dark for a good photo). Started filling in the feathers. So far I have just lightly placed where the main feathers are and used some lavender and light blue to help define the feathers. I need to define the feathers a little more then start filling in the areas. Probably take a few hours to get a small area finished.

You can see the little outline around the bird that was left when the Neocolors dried. I wanted a really rough colourful background so don't think that the outline really distracts from the bird. Well I am hoping it doesn't :p

John bought me a Rose bush today. Love Roses but have no idea how to grow them lol. Its been put into a bigger pot, probably going to just keep it in a pot for now. Not sure where it would go if we took it out.

Not sure if I mentioned it (I probably did). I have to go to the hospital on Wednesday to have exploratory surgery done. So probably not going to post that day (the meds that they are giving me are supposed to make me all loopy :p). I just hope they find out what is going on. hmmm my sister was right. I got the bad genetics :p


pencilwizard said...

Eagle is starting to come together now...looks good.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks! :D