Sunday, April 27, 2008

wind turbines

wind turbines
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Went to Perth today to get wallpaper for John's parents. Gorgeous weather here :)

John took this last night and we really didn't notice the wind turbines before, and I probably wouldn't be able to see them even if I had of known they were there (I have horrible eyesight now). Really nice colours in the sky, very dramatic. Turbines at Ark Hill??

I did take some video of me rambling on the way to Perth, complete with more ponies! (I originally thought they were Dartmoors, but now I think they are Exmoor Ponies), the odd cow (seeing long-horn cow was kinda odd in Scotland),us almost getting side-swiped by people not looking before they pull onto the road and lots of green scenery. But the video killed the computer so I will try again tomorrow with the video :)

oh and don't forget the Name My Cacti contest! :D

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