Friday, August 22, 2008

Death by Knitting

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I really can't seem to get the hang of knitting. Figured out how to cast on by myself and I know how to make a simple stitch. I just have the stitches too tight and end up with a row that you can't even move on the needle. :/

I think it is because when I made friendship bracelets and made a bunch of different macramé knots they had to be as tight as possible. I knew how to make the really fancy looking friendship bracelets, and loved having dozens of colours on my wrists.

I would love to make a really long colourful knitted scarf. I think at this rate it would be faster if I made one with a bunch of friendship bracelets crochet together :p


nuvonova said...

Ha! That photo made me laugh! I love knitting, and yes, I also had the 'too tight' issue, but you eventually learn.

I taught myself knitting using Knitting for Dummies book as a guide... I have the crochet version but I absolutely cannot get my head around it! I think I need to get my friend to demonstrate.

Jennifer Rose said...

I'm hoping that the tight issue goes away, before I break the needles lol I was afraid they were going to snap at one point and they are not small needles :p 7mm

I should see if I can find that book :D thanks. Mr.Fuzzy's mom taught me to crochet but its not something I can do very well :/ She is really fast and very good at it. I just wish she thought that! She made a blanket for a king size bed in just a few days.

nuvonova said...

Yes I think crochet is a lot quicker method than knitting, and I think it is a lot flexible in terms of pattern.. I think.

Oh you're really making me want to get back into it! (Knitting)

I haven't knitted for ages! ..for some reason, I was about to type 'I haven't knat' .. haha what an ugly word!

Serena said...

I haven't knitted or done crochet in years but, once you learn them, it's something you never forget. Don't give up, Jennifer, because you will eventually loosen up the tension where the stitches glide easily. Try to not pull the wool too tight when you cross it over to form a new stitch...just relax with it. I used to have the 'over-tight' problem when I first started knitting as a child. My grandmother was the opposite...she knitted very loose and the garments would end up way too big. lol Do you hold the needles from above or underneath as you knit? I hold them from underneath resting them in the joint area between my thumb and pointer finger and I find this is great for keeping a nice, even tension.

Crochet has a different appearance but yes, you definitely get further ahead quantity-wise when compared to knitting.

Jennifer Rose said...

I'm having the problem of the stitches being too loose now lol >.<
I hold the needles from above and the same when I crochet. Drove Mr.Fuzzy's mom nuts as she kept saying I should hold the needle like I would hold pencil, I just can't seem to get the hang of holding it that way.