Friday, October 24, 2008

Everyday Matter Challenge #119

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

2 new Everyday Matters sketches. #119 Draw some rocks and #105 Draw some scissors.

I'm going to try to get this little sketchbook filled in so I can try to put it with my portfolio. Of course going to school depends on the reference requirement. Which I don't have and probably already mentioned that here :p

Either way I think this would be the first sketchbook that I finished. I have dozens that are half empty but I still kept buying more. I think its the blankness of the paper, or the fact that new ones don't look like they have been run over 20 times :p

No more sketchbooks until I finish this one and no more art supplies until I get through all my pencils. Which might be a long time as I still have the original set I bought 13! years ago (when they were better made).

I am trying to use up all my Prismas and even though I can get a set online I actually prefer the Coloursofts. I haven't had any breakage issues even after I sent the tin flying through the air. I hadn't even opened it yet :/

The crystal is just under 2 inches long and is shaped like a claw. Works great as a worry stone. :)


Macpurp said...

pretty sketches, I love your crystal, I have a piece of rose quartz as my worry stone.


Tina x

kaslkaos said...

Love it when you post your sketches. Gives me permission to post mine. I don't get to your blog nearly often enough. I didn't know you had ms. So glad the meds (and your gumption!) are working out for you. Wishing you well, and throwing a vivid dream your way (I'm not religious, so its the best I can do).