Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scottish Word of the Week

The hedgehog was back today, eating all the bird food that the birds tossed away in disgust :p I think I need to name it ;)

If you see a hedgehog, post the info here :)

This weeks Scottish word:

1. breenge

Answer to last weeks Scottish word:

1. pibroch is a piece of music for the bagpipes

I know the posts this week have been very short and sort of boring. Mr.Fuzzy has the week off from work so haven't been able to draw a lot and we are still sorting things out at the flat. So hopefully next week I will be back to posting art more often :D

And yay! I get to get the freckles/moles taken off my back tomorrow so I am sure that will make an interesting story :p


Serena said...

Awwwww, how sweet!

Good luck with getting the moles removed. I remember when my daughter, Michelle, had a mole removed from her back years ago....she felt fine afterwards so we went shopping, she got a strawberry milkshake just before we popped into the supermarket. Whilst at the check-outs, she promptly puked up bright pink, strawberry milkshake all over the both of us as she fainted to the floor. We must have looked a right sight walking out of the shopping plaza that day. Pink embellishments So, be warned, it might be wise NOT to go shopping after the procedure.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol thanks :D hmm think we will get our shopping done before hand ;)

Chrissy said...

He is so sweet. I do love hedgies....Hope your mole removing session goes ok.

Jeanette said...

Years ago in the UK, we had a hedgehog in the garden and I remember scooping it up in a box for the girls to see the next morning.

The box was empty the next morning.

The hedgehog had gotten out and was curled up with the laundry. I spent the next week de-fleaing the house...

Jennifer Rose said...

"I spent the next week de-fleaing the house..." oh no! its funny but still a pain :)

Macpurp said...

how you doing after mole removal?
hope you are ok.
how cute is your wee pal there?
And yes.....they usually do have fleas!

me xx

Jennifer Rose said...

the mole removal went fine, was an odd sensation though lol