Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dahlia Update

Untitled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Some more of the petals coloured on the dahlia. Lots more to colour, but I like the way this is looking so far. I might have to spray this with fixative when it is done to try to help with the fading possibilities, but the reds might change colour. That might be a good thing though, brighter colours might look good. I'm not sure if a few of the pencils I am using would change colour as I haven't used them before lol Well at least they are getting used now.

And a close up showing the texture. With this paper I find its more like layering paint. At least for me, that is how it acts.

And I haven't forgotten about my 101 list, still working on a few of them. No sign of life with my cacti. I planted 12 seeds hoping that one might grow lol If not it looks like I am going to have to buy one that is already started. But thats cheating :p


Chrissy said...

Gosh that looks painstaking...but it is coming along great, it will be lobely and colourful in the dreary days :-D I think it is time I bought the pencils back out again soon - not done any for a while and I have this photogarph of a gorgeous Spaniel. A waterfall sounds like a bit of a breakaway for you?
I have also been trying to explain a moleskin exchange to KK but I am not sure exactly how it works, have you ever done one?

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks :) def. a dreary day today, no sun to be seen anywhere :/

oh a Spaniel will look nice :D its a big breakaway for me, but I figured I need to include different things in my portfolio to apply to Uni. hmm but I'm not sure if it is looking good.

I haven't done a moleskin exchange before, but have always wanted too. They are such a good idea, and a neat way to see other peoples art. Most people use the ones with the cardboard covers as they cost less to ship. There are groups that do the exchange, but more often then not it is just a group of people that get together and fill them in. You don't have to use prepared sketchbooks, some people make there own books which isn't that hard and having a book with 10 pages is easier to fill then one with over 50 ;)

Macpurp said...

this is gonna take you ages!
you must have some patience!

how you getting on with the rest of your 101 list?

much love tina xx

Jennifer Rose said...

it is taking a bit longer than I would have liked :/

the rest of the list is looking abandoned :/ lol but I still have lots of time to try to gets at least half of it finished :D