Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hmm Maybe I like driving Myself Crazy

Untitled WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So from dozens of dragon scales to dozens of flower petals. I have a few sheets of this red paper, but had no idea what I was going to do with one of them. This flower is actually pretty pink and purple so I thought the warm paper would work really well. I'm burnishing the petals with Lavender and a Deco Pink (yeah I know. Not really light fast, but as this isn't probably for sale, I'm not that worried about it), and a bit of Deco Blue (my last little stub). A lot of the petals on the right have the sun shining right on them so they have a lot of yellow in them.

I have 3 other pieces of artwork on the go right now: a waterfall and 2 horse drawings. Not sure if I will get all of them done and if they should go in a portfolio. I do need to draw a few different things just not 100% sure what.


Ann said...

This looks interesting Jennifer, and a great start. Do we get to see the other pieces you are working on too? Please?

Jennifer Rose said...

Yes, I will try to do a few WIPs of them :D