Friday, November 21, 2008

I am Slowly Going Crazy....

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123456 switch, Crazy Going Slowly am I 654321

I have no idea where that came from. I tried looking up on the web, but can't find where it originated. The first time I said that Mr.Fuzzy looked at me like I was crazy. So mission accomplished :p

I guess its just a phrase you pick up. Like *hit on a stick, or Christ on a cracker, havater (have at her). Mr.Fuzzy thought I said half adder (like a snake:p). And Eh! Yes I say it, but I don't say aboot :p

I know there are a few more that I say but I can't think of any. hmmm *off to phone sis*

hmmm she can't think of any. hmmm both of us are stuck.... oh crack your noodle..thats one :p oh Mr.Fuzzy found this :)

Anyone have any sayings of their own?


Macpurp said...

trying to think of any I can repeat here!

I often say
"in the name of the wee man!"
"ach ye wee arsehole ya!"

lol xxxx

Jennifer Rose said...

post what ever you want, people that read the blog know I swear a lot so anything goes :D

all I can think of now is a bunch a blue wee men running around stealing sheep lol

Chrissy said...

We have a few
If you were ever being nosy and earwigging and asking, Who are you talking about?
the answer is "Icky from Wem".
If someone is taking ages and faffing about they are "going around the Wrekin" to so something.
If the sky is looking threatening
"it is looking a bit black over Bills Mother's".
Is that enough? lol

Jennifer Rose said...

John said awa an bile yer heid lol I can't say that lol

Its never enough :p the more the better :D

Snicker at bill's mother, thats funny :)

Grooveycrafts said...

This is interesting, I can't think of anything since I've only lived in Bradford so what seems normal to me is probably weird for someone else :P

leslie said...

I thought of the wee free men and coo and ship beasties at the mere mention of the wee man.

The mum is lookin' good! (that's an old expression we use here in the states :) )

leslie said...

Dahlia, not a mum.
Is crazy contagious?

Jennifer Rose said...

yep crazy is contagious :D you are doomed ;)