Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Music and Art

Untitled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I love music. Well thats actually an understatement. If I didn't have art, music would be my whole life. I can't sing to save my life, and can hardly remember how to play any of the instruments that I learned to play, but it still is a huge part of me. hmm I'm sure the neighbours loved it when I played the trumpet :p

Growing up we were surrounded by all kinds of music, from Buddy Holly to Steve Earle, to the typical pop music kids listen to (NKOTB for the win! gods I feel old now that they are singing again :p) and then Gwar :p Not really my taste in music really but mom started to listen to it when I was about 12. There was usually some kind of music playing in the background, and I would still much rather listen to music then watch tv (there really isn't anything on anyway :p)

I haven't been to a lot of concerts mostly because I'm broke. Mom does tell me that we went to see Dylan. Why take a 3 year old I have no idea :p So that doesn't count lol I do remember seeing Steve Earle playing in Wonderland and Nickelback when they played in Lethbridge (I spent 3 plus hours in line by myself buying tickets for people....). I'm sure there are a few more that I am forgetting (any ideas sis?)

Music on the whole doesn't influence what I am drawing. I do have a habit of listening to really angry music when I am pissed off but I don't think it shows in the art. I've tried to draw angry dragons but they end up either looking bemused or sleepy :/ hmmm If I start drawing chained or tied up dragons again then be worried :p No, I just like chains :p I have a bunch of dog collars laying around, they were from dogs I did own so I didn't just go and buy them :p then again....:p joking I'm more of a whip person (joking again!)

Music seems to help me focus on what I am doing. If I don't have any playing I get bored really fast with what I am doing. But I am sure I am going to go deaf with the volume :p

Anyway, a scan of the dahlia. The red here is showing up so much more vibrant then real life. I like it actually even if its not true to life. Once it is done I am going to have to do a lot of work in Photoshop to get it as close as possible.

Anyone have a favourite band they have to listen to?


leslie said...

I keep the TV on in the background to have some 'noise', but I generally can't listen to music, as it will make me get up and dance. Not conducive to detailed drawing! :)

tlc illustration said...

My favorite musical artist is probably Loreena McKennitt. Love all of her CDs.

I've listened to my CDs pretty much to death, so this past year I've started listening to (online 'radio'. Don't know if you can get it there?) You pick an artist or song or two to get a station 'started' and then it picks songs of similar type and feel to play for you. It's been fun - you can have a station for every different mood. I've been exposed to lots of new artists this way.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol Leslie :D Yeah I have to try really hard not to get up and try to dance :D

Hubby really likes her :D That radio sounds really cool, I will have to look in to it :)