Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mystery Drawing Revealed

"Heavy" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So its a horse of course :p I want one. Not sure where it would live, I doubt it would fit in our living room (no, I don't agree with keeping them in houses :p). And I think our drying green is the same size as this horse, so I guess will have to stick to a large dog (well not as large as the couch). If it wasn't for all the cats in the area I could get a bunny. Actually Mr.Fuzzy's parent's neighbours have a bunny that beats the cats up, so maybe if we got one we wouldn't have a cat problem here :p

So fun and excitement in the street today. Well not really. More of an annoyance then anything. Fighting, swearing and people trying to break a door down. ah the fun of Scotland :p And hey does no one work on this street?! Well ok I don't. But I don't spend all day riding around in circles, yelling at people and trying to break doors down, and don't fix up my car exhaust really loudly to try to prove I have a dick :p (and these things happen almost everyday. No I'm not kidding. Jeese I grew up in a city and it was never this bad). Having wrote that though, there are lots about the country I do like. I just wish people wouldn't put up with crap like that on a daily basis. Well someone called the cops today. But most of the time no one does.


kaslkaos said...

Nice sketch. I'd love a horse too--maybe we can have virtual horses...
Your street sounds, well, not too pleasant. Then again, we have Hells Angels (biker gang) in our neighbourhood, and that's not just a rumour.

Jennifer Rose said...

Sounds like Dover :p Every Friday the 13th there are a lot of bike gangs going around and Swats teams on buildings. But it is a really cool site seeing all the bikes. There are usually some members of gangs going around all year, but saying that I felt very safe walking around. Dad knows a lot of people :p