Friday, December 05, 2008

EDM Sketches

We put up some lights in the living room. I think it looks so cool. Going to keep them up all year long :p

Various EDM Challenges Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I have noticed that since I have been doing these sketches my sketches have gotten very loose. I'm focusing more on simple lines than lots of detail. Which will come in handy when I need to sketch quickly, but it doesn't make them much to look at.

And we got a fake Xmas tree (bah humbug), but its going back as its, crap :p Not sure where a new one is going to go, thinking the hallway as its one of the only places that isn't full of stuff. Mostly books and art supplies.

I have so much art to do this weekend it isn't funny :/ And I need to get started on a gift drawing, so hopefully that gets started this weekend.

I'm hoping for some more snow so that we can go down to the Loch and try to get some nice pictures. No way I'm I going to try to walk around the whole of the Loch (2.5-3 miles) in the snow, I don't feel like taking a freezing cold bath if I fall in :p

hmm this is a pretty boring blog post :p


Macpurp said...

i love xmas lights!
we have two sets that I keep up all year round!

Tweed Delights said...

Cool lights! Sympathies for your busy weekend - me too:-)

kaslkaos said...

Loose sketching is good. You can always tighten things up later. I love it when you post these things. PS. I left you a present.

Jennifer Rose said...

We might take the lights off the tree when we put it away and stick them up in the hallway :D

Busy weekend, but still haven't gotten anything done :/ oh well, always tomorrow :)

Thanks for the present! :D