Wednesday, December 17, 2008


New card. Too busy? Or I could just use my little dragon like I have before. New font this time. (the email address on both has been made bigger. Was a little bit too small to read)

Gummi Bear ACEOs Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Blobs of colour that... still look like blobs of colour. But tasty blobs :p


Rose Welty said...

Really Nice! I don't think it's too busy, not at all, I think the bird is eye-catching. Possibly, the font on the email and site are hard to read. I like the font for the stuff on top, just a little harder to read for the addresses.

But, really, it looks good as is. Well done for updating your stuff!

Tweed Delights said...

I love the top one - it's really eye-catching :D

Macpurp said...

oh see I am no help as I like both!
They are both beautiful!
Like the bigger text on the birdie,
LOVE the birdie! BUT I really Love the Dragon!
*shakes head* nope I am no use here at all!
much love teen xx

leslie said...

On the eagle card, I would make my name, Jennifer Rose Phillip top billing.
"Jennifer Rose Phillip
wildlife art"
with your name slightly bigger? darker?
and then the contact info.

The always adorable dragon card is adorable! Leave more space below the words Fuzzy Dragons before the next line, and just advertise the fantasy art with that style.

Or tell me to mind my own business... :)

Fabulous eagle eye, by the way!

Rita said...

I'm going ot give my vote for the second card with the dragon. Keeping in mind that I like more simplified images anyway. ;)
The eagle one is eye catching but I find the colour in the bg a bit distracting.
Do tell which one you decide on!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks everyone :D

Its so hard to decide on which one to use.

Chrissy said...

I think the top one because it grabs your eye. I agree with Leslie, Your name bigger, the rest smaller and I would use a darker infill for the font...there is my two pennies worth, LOL.
Theye are both great, I think t would be a great idea if I made one ;)

leslie said...

And give the gummies eyes whether they came that way or not :)

Jennifer Rose said...

you really should make up some card Chrissy :D

Gummis with eyes are creepy. I always feel guilty eating something that has eye staring back at me :p

leslie said...

I could never do a chocolate Easter Bunny for that reason. Or animal crackers.
Now if they had made "mean sister", or "neighborhood bully" crackers...chomp! ;)