Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm horrible at remembering to post when people give me awards or tag me, (which is bad, sorry), so here are a few that I can remember (I'm so sorry if I missed someone, I think I did but can't seem to find the posts).

From Michelle and Vic awarded me this:

:D I'm supposed to say 7 things that I love and pass it on. hmmm if anyone hasn't been tagged/awarded please award yourself (kinda cheating yeah :p)

1. I love...snakes :D I'm just fascinated by them. I never really wanted one until I adopted my sisters and now I really want another one. A Ball Python would be fine, but I would love a Rainbow Boa or another Red Tail (no idea where I would put that, so that would def. have to wait)

2. I love...Great Big Sea :D Would love to see them live. I introduced them to Mr.Fuzzy and he loves them now too :) We have a lot of music and have different tastes but we both can put any Great Big Sea song on and we will both listen to it.

3. I chocolate! Its evil lol Chocolate here tastes so much better then it does in Canada. But since I'm trying to be healthier (no diet, just eating better), no chocolate for me (well maybe a little :p)

4. I love to travel, but the MS kinda makes that difficult as heat and me are not friends any more and getting travel insurance can be a bitch sometimes. We would both love to go back to NZ. Loved it there. Ever been to a place and felt right at home? At ease? Thats how I felt there.

5. I love... reading. I read a lot. Use to read at least a book a day, now I'm averaging about 2 books a week. I just like reading and then visualizing the scene in my head. And who wouldn't want to have a dragon or space ship? :p I even read romance novels. Some are well written, others I read to get a laugh. Theres only so many times you can read about heaving bosums and throbbing members before you laugh ou tloud :p Or wonder what disease these people have that there are always throbbing and heaving :p

6. I love... Bouvier des Flandres. I would love to have one, but there are hard to find around here and get a dog that is sound in body and mind. I saw one down in Cornwall and the guy who had him was shocked that I knew what kind of breed he was. I couldn't get enough of that dog lol He was gorgeous.
Loch dog :) Big goof, died though :(

7. I love... using clay. I love shaping it with my hands and changing it from a blob to something that is recognizable (usually :p) If I had a kiln I would be using it all the time. Would be drowing in clay lol

And Tina


Sandy said...

interesting and funny too! ...funny disease that would be, hehe.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

My Mom has MS...
I put something called paper clay on panel paintings... paint and clay - too fun....

tlc illustration said...

Blogger ate my comment. Trying again -

I am totally with you on # 1-5. Am partial to labs. Or golden retrievers. And love glass beads. or buttons. :-)