Thursday, February 19, 2009

Creative Space Feb 19

creative space feb19
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I guess this would count as my creative space today as we have to go through all of these and figure out what goes where. And there are more in the cupboard lol No idea where we are going to put all of them in our yard, but its going to be colourful (and look a lot better then it did when we got the flat).

Mr.Fuzzy was digging up the drying green in the back to extend one of the dirt beds so he could put veggies or herbs in it, and he almost hit a gas pipe (8 inches down) o.0 The guy upstairs has gas so it feeds his flat. Mr.Fuzzy phoned the gas people to ask where the pipe is so he doesn't blow himself up, and they said that they don't know.

What? Isn't that a little dangerous not knowing where the pipes are? So they are sending someone out to find them (but we find out that its not required for the gas companies to know where the pipes are after they leave private ground, public ground they need to know though.) I would think a company would want to know where the pipes are no matter what type of land they are on for safety reasons.

I swear the yard has been used a rubbish dump for when they built the houses around here. We are always finding bricks, slate and tiles in the ground when we try to dig it up.

Anyway back to the seeds. I am really hoping that all of them grow as I think they would make very pretty drawings. That Sweet Sultan is gorgeous :D We have to find some more dahlia bulbs as the ones from last year have rotted. Which is a shame because they were so pretty (and tall!).

For someone who doesn't eat any veggies at all, Mr.Fuzzy really likes growing them :p He wants to try to grow a giant pumpkin again this year. Not sure what he would do with it if he does succeed. Enter it into one of those huge veggie contests or make a home out of it I think:p

Head here for more creative spaces :)


Kirsty said...

Garden creativity sounds like just the thing.

Carla said...

You are so lucky to live where you can plant a garden. I have the room for a tiny one but we have sand, no dirt.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Oh please tell Mr. Fuzzy to hold off on the seed planting until they come out and check for the gas pipes! :(
Safety first and beautiful veggies later.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

My mouth is opening and closing like a goldfish as I read the bit about the gas company not knowing where their supply pipes are. That's hilarious ... or scary ... or both!

That's a fantastic selection of seeds you've got there. Hope you have a massive garden!

Chrissy said...

I am entirely unsurprised that the gas company don't know where their pieps are! So Mr Fuzzy is hankering to plant tryfids again?

Jennifer Rose said...

Kirsty-I just hope some of it grows lol Looks like a lot but I have a black thumb of death so the more chances for something to grow the better lol

Carla- We don't really have that big of a yard, bigger then a lot around here but still small. The dirt is all right as it used to be farmland around here, no sand which sometimes is a problem. Dad's backyard is all sand and he is trying to get the ground healthier to grow plants but its taking a long time to get enough dirt to build up the ground

Norma-def. no seed planting until they come out and look for the pipes. He was pissed off when he found the pipe enough to write to the MPs in the area asking about why companies are not required to know where the pipes are for safety reasons. Probably nothing will come from it, but companies should be required to know. I have no idea how they check to see where the pipes are, I don't think the other people in the complex would be impressed if the gas people dig up the yard to find the pipes lol

hoppo- very scary, hubby was pissed off and scared that he almost broke the line. he could have as we was turning the earth really well and forceful, doesn't take that much force to go through a plastic pipe. I hope for a massive garden too :D

Chrissy- lol yeah lots of tryfids :D I swear the ones from last year really did look like they could get up and walk around. Maybe this year I will put a hat on one to freak people out :p

Sandy said...

I'll check out that link in a while, sounds interesting. Wow you're going to be growing lots of pretties aren't you?

kaslkaos said...

Mmmm...spring, flowers. Seed packages are chock full of dreams & fantasies & guess what; some will come true! Looks like a lot of fun, and a great new way to look at a garden.