Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crap :/

Various WIP ACEOs Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So didn't get in to Uni and oddly I am all right with that lol Mr.F's mom thinks I'm strange for being all right with it, but honestly since the whole MS diagnoses (which has come up a lot lately, I will try not to make it a focus of the blog I promise), I really have stopped caring so much about things that can't be changed. Hard to explain, might not make sense to some people.

It was always a long shot with them only taking so many students and lots applying :) Not going to stop me from drawing and that is all that matters.

But what I should have done was apply to the college at the same time, but stupidly didn't. So might try that but might be too late to apply. Going to figure that out tomorrow.

3 ACEOs above that still need some work. One angry rooster, one little lily and an inked dragon that still needs a lot of work. I forgot actually how much I like using ink. Just using lines to shade things, not relying on colour to give something shape.

Got rained out today, so only managed to get 4 pots planted, some corn (which I will laugh if it all grows :p) and a few anemones :D

I'm redoing my blog. Need to redo the header image, and since its a template (which Mr.F hates but I don't know enough code to make my own[he hates them because of the fixed width and security holes :/]) it shouldn't be that hard for me to tinker with. Yes it probably would be easier to customize if I made the whole thing myself, but I don't have 10 years :p lol I could always use it as a starting point and go from there. Trying to take into account everything that everyone commented the other day about my site. I want to make the blog have lots of greens to get away from being either too bright or dark, but don't want it looking acid green and it makes your eyes melt :p :/ Wont publish it here until I know it works but if things look odd the next few weeks thats why.


Rose Welty said...


I'm sorry you didn't get in, but I'm glad to hear that you're going to keep drawing, because, as you say, that is all that matters.

I understand being alright with it too. It's just not worth wasting energy on things you can't change. I've been so much happier since I decided to just let go the things I can't change and focus on the stuff I do have control over.

Ann said...

Well, I am disappointed about the university thing only in that you wanted to go and they screwed up not accepting you. Do keep drawing! You don't have to go to a brick and mortar school for learning to happen:)

BumbleVee said...

maybe college is still a possibility....

can you just change the background colour on your blog? perhaps one of the greens if you like green. If you want some help with a header...Linda,(The Window of My Life) in our photo a week group, used to make them. She probably still does....

Tweed Delights said...

You have heaps of talent - who needs uni : ) Keep going with the fantastic artwork!

Sandy said...

Darn, sorry to read about the university. I don't know a whole lot about MS, but imagine it can be not good dealing with this. I always enjoy seeing your art by the way.

Jennifer Rose said...

rose- thanks :) exactly not worth wasting energy on things that really can't be changed :)

ann- I did want to go, but you are right. Don't have to go to keep learning :)

bumblevee- collage might be a a possibility. Can't find any cut off dates on there sites and when I phoned they never said it was too late to apply. so time will tell. I love her headers, always a nice surprise when she changes them :)

alison- thanks :D

sandy- thank you :) MS is one of those things that is so different for everyone that they way people deal with it so different. good days and bad days, just never know what the day will be :)