Thursday, April 02, 2009

creative space april 2

creative space april 2
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Not much different from other creative spaces that I've done but my desk is small and space at the flat is at a premium :p

I really do like the note adding feature on Flickr, makes things really easy when you need to label something.

After Easter what is the next major holiday? Seems like a huge jump to Halloween lol without any type of holiday but I have no idea because I don't really celebrate any holidays besides Halloween :p

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Ann said...

Here in the US we have Mother's day in May and Father's day in June. How about dragons for the Solstices and equinoxes?

Linda Fleming said...

Perhaps if I had less space I would be neater and more organized.

How about a Mid-Summer's Night dragon?

Tweed Delights said...

Fantastic array of pencils! I don't have much room either - I'm very messy tho, unfortunately!!

Jennifer Rose said...

Ann- Solstice dragons are a great idea! :)

Linda- this isn't organised lol far from it. You should see whats under the desk lol

Alison- i'm messy too. I think its a sign of a creative mind in a person. Too busy creating to clean :D

Kirsty said...

All the pencils do look fabulous.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I've had my nose pressed to the screen trying to make out what it is that's sharp! A ruler?

I think soltice dragons sound like a good idea too!

Sandy said...

wow, that's a lot of pencils, looks like my collection.

Well Memorial day comes to mind here.

Jennifer Rose said...

kirsty- they look even better when they are all grouped together :)

hoppo bumpo- yep its a ruler :) I've cut my fingers a few times with it :/

Sandy- whats memorial day?