Friday, April 10, 2009

Grey Charger Take 2 WIP

The start to the white charger. I put down a base brown colour for the eye and where some of the highlights go. Sometimes I leave the highlights for last if I am using coloured paper because working with coloured paper I work backwards compared to what I do when using white paper. I find using coloured paper and CPs is more like painting. Hard to explain. Probably due to the fact that you have a base colour to colour over and your mid values are all ready there.

One eye almost finished. Once I am finished more of the horse I will go back and darken it if needed. I don't want to make it so dark it looks like a big black hole against all the white.

I don't normally work section by section when using CPs. Just easier in this case because of the spaces between the horse's tack. A couple more hours work on this section and it might be done :p

Already I like how this one looks compared to the first. Could be the paper colour. I need to put more colour down but I don't know how saturated I want to make the paper. I like that the horse is a strawberry roan and the paper colour showing up underneath the coloured pencil helps to give that effect with out me marking all the colour ticks myself (and that would drive me nuts. straight jacket time crazy :p).

And then I need to think of a title. I'm horrible at that. I think "Horse number 465 give our take a dozen" doesn't go that well with it :p

*side note* I really want to red0 my site. I want to have my site looking something like this, obvs. not a copy but I like the idea of having one big site with everything on it. Would be a good way to combine everything, art, blog, photos, etc. I'm going to have to do a lot of reading because I know I don't have the codeing skills for something like that and while I know Mr.F will help I think I should know how to fix things incase something goes wrong and he is at work. I could use a template but even that would take a lot of code to get it looking the way I wanted.

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Sandy said...

I've enjoyed catching up and hope Mr. F finds a job he likes...also love the drawing you are doing and will enjoy seeing the finished product. I like PW site, I go there every once in awhile and that would be a good way to have everything on one big site.