Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Another List! Run Away!:p

And its not actually going to be as long as I thought it was because I can't think of all of the supports that I have used. I know I am missing a few, so I might have to update this post when I remember or when I use someting new :)

I will try to split it up by general paper type to try to make it easier to read :) And because this was going to be a really long post, I have decided to break it up into sections. At the moment it is 4 sections but as I remember past supports that might be expanded. I might make a list of other supports that I know of but haven't used yet. If anyone has any suggestions of things to use coloured pencils on, please just let me know :)
  1. Coloured supports
  2. white paper
  3. watercolour paper
  4. miscellaneous
Coloured paper

Using coloured paper can really cut down on the time coloured pencil can take as you already have a midway tone by using the papers colour. With some colours you have to be careful as the colour of the paper can alter the final colour of the pencils. Example: with blue paper when using yellow it is better sometimes to put white or a light colour down first because the yellow pencil over the blue paper can turn green. You can either buy the paper already coloured or make your own by putting colour washes over white plain paper. Coloured papers can fade faster so its advised to keep the drawing out of direct light and if its framed, to get protective glass.

I have only used 3 types of support that come already coloured that I can remember.

alt="""White Knight" Copyight Jennifer Rose Phillip
Murano paper

Daler-Rowney Murano paper comes in many colours. Has 2 sides to it, but the difference is very small. One side is smoother but honestly until a friend pointed the 2 different sides out I never noticed before. I can tell the difference now, but really haven't noticed a huge difference in which side I use. I really like this paper as it saves me a lot of time but you have to have a good knowledge of colour theory as it will only take maybe 6 layers before the paper looses its tooth. You can push the amount of layers a bit but you might end up with a really bad wax bloom effect. I am not sure what would happen if you used oil based pencils on the paper as I don't have any right now to try on it.

Art Spectrum Colourfix Coated Pastel Paper
I've used the paper, but you can get primer to cover almost anything. I like the colours, and the effects you can get with it, but working with it is very slow for me. It eats pencils but thats not a problem for me as I am trying to use up all of my Prismacolors :p It has a very rough sandpaper texture to it, but I have read that if you use the primer you can control how rough the surface is. There is a lot of gorgeous artwork made with this support but I just don't have the patience for it. I am going to try to use it again with the Art Stix and see if that works better for me.

"Dark Knight" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Canson Mi-Teintes paper

Canson Mi-Teintes Paper
I love this paper :) Lots of colours to choose from and the paper takes a lot of layers of pencil. There are two sides to it, a rough honeycombed textured side and a smoother side. I use the smooth side most of the time but the rougher side can be used to help get some interesting textures in what you are drawing. It does have issues with fading, so it should be kept out of direct light. With a light pressure it is no problem to blend colours together on this paper on either side and you can burnish on this paper without any problems as long as you have enough colour laid down to begin with. The same issue with laying down some lighter colours that the Murano paper has, apply to this paper as well. Some people don't like this paper because it doesn't take as many layers as Stonehenge does, but that it why I love it. Less layers means a piece of work doesn't take forever, and you still end up with the same effects.

White paper up next :)


vic said...

Brilliant post Jennifer, very informative and look forward to the next one.
I love Canson myself, but dont use it as much as I should, so reading this as jogged me to get some out and use it !

Chrissy said...

Hi Jen, well I am quite glad you have started this one. As you now I am about to start playing. I like Murano very much and also Canson. I am going to have a go with Stonehenge because I want to see if I can get more depth from using it. My order has jus arrived and the other one that I have received is some Colorfix. I am not sure how I will get on with any of them but I found the back of watercolour paper quite difficult and I do want white for my next project...so looking forward to your next posting :D

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks vic :) I try to suggest Canson to people all the time, but the really textured side stops a lot of people from using it :/ please post what you do with the paper :D

Jennifer Rose said...

you might be able to get more depth with the Stonehenge paper, but you need a lot of layers or a heavy hand to get value and depth to a piece. Hopefully you have better luck with it then I did :) I would really like to read what you thought of the paper you use :)

Serena said...

thanks for the informative and helpful post, jennifer. have you ever used drafting film before?

p.s. - i'm not sure if i did the comment thingy right as i got a little confused with the drop down menu options.

serena :)

kaslkaos said...

Oh man, great topic. Coloured papers are so luscious. I have to post my light-fastness test soon. Don't use burnt-orange canson, but the others are okay. Now then, your horses are gorgeous. I'm with you on the 'take forever' aspects of covering white. Can't wait to try stonehenge if I can get it.
ps. I think I need instruction on the drop down thingie too.

Jennifer Rose said...

I haven't used drafting film before, only found out a few months ago what it was called here. I'm trying to save up so I can try a few sheets :)

you did the comment thing right :) I am going to make a post about how to comment with it in the next day or two :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Ingrid :)

yes please post your light fastness test :D would be interesting to see. If i had some stonehenge left I would send you some (i will have a look to see if I do have any left, I might somewhere :) )

nuvonova said...

White Knight looks amazing! I think I had followed the progress but never got round to seeing the finished piece! I would never have thought red would work, but it bloody does!

Love the paper information too!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks :D I didn't think the red would work at first either, but now I always keep my eye out for more when I go to the art store :)