Saturday, June 13, 2009

Comment System

Dinner for tonight :p No not really but this was pretty good :) It was such a nice day out today that we spent it in the yard, weeding and planting some more plants. Mr.F put his pumpkins in the ground so they will either die or take over the whole garden and we will get eaten by the mutant pumpkins :p I could think of worse ways to go out, but I think being killed by veggies would by high on that list :p ok so technically a pumpkin is a fruit, still would be an embarrassing way to die. I could just see "Killed by rabid pumpkin" written on a gravestone with little pumpkins with sharp teeth carved next to the inscription :p I can't imagine what someone would think seeing that 200 years from now. Maybe that the veggies at dinner time fought back?

I have had a few questions about how to use the comment system on the blog now so I thought I should make a quick post explaining how :)

You don't need to sign up with JS-Kit to use it, you can sign in as a guest :)

The only information that is needed is a nickname and an email (that no one can see) if you want to get replies sent to you, and as long as the nickname is not some swear word and really crude anything goes :p You can use your blog URL and a few others that are listed in the drop down menu under where it says leave comment as.

I should have art tomorrow *crosses fingers* I have been working on those eagles but I am really taking my time with them. I have a rough sketch drawn up for another big dragon piece and have some more ideas for some smaller pieces. I really do want to draw more dragons. I use to draw them all the time and its about time I started drawing them again. I need to find some fairy tales or stories with dragons in them and draw some scenes from the stories (preferably ones that I would not get in trouble for drawing from)


Serena said...

yep, pumpkins sure like A LOT of space to grow. They are a staple in the Aussie 'em!

whatever i did the first time i entered a comment on this new comment system, it is remembering all my info and it seems to be in order. thanks for the explanation.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your dragon drawings ~ :)

shashi said...

Strawberries look delicious. I bought some yesterday and they will all vanish today. They cook pumpkins in India a lot but I don't know how to anyway you can also say that you lived because of pumpkins lol!

Tweed Delights said...

I think you should write your own dragon fairy tale and illustrate it with your fab illustrations - so there!! hehe! It's bound to be a winner! Yummy strawberries :D

Jennifer Rose said...

I can't stand pumpkins lol like the seeds when they are baked, but not a fan of pumpkin pie which is what most of the people I know do with it. :)

yes I forgot to mention it keeps your log in details, which is really handy :D

Jennifer Rose said...

they were great, had to get some more today (of which there are 3 left :p lol)

I think you can bake pumpkins like you would squash? I have no idea either lol

Jennifer Rose said...

thats a good idea! :D hmm I need to think of an tale that isn't too much like a bad B horror movie tale :p