Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creative Space June 25, 2009

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These have to go somewhere in the yard. Running out of space for them, but I'm sure we will find some little corner that does not have any flowers in it. These are from the Inlaws. You know how sometimes when you plant seeds not very many come up so you plant a few extra to make up for the ones that do not grow? Yeah well this year almost all of the seeds germinated :p So there were over 200 Livingstone Daisies :p and a lot of other plants. I love the Daises but I am running out of room for them all lol

So todays creative space is working in the yard and then I need to get some drawing done. I have to transfer the foxgloves to the black paper and work on my eagles from a few weeks ago.

This container only had 5 daisy seedlings in it but its has exploded it seems :p

Sweet peas :) We have a few more plants that haven't flowered yet and they so far seem to be different colours. I think the Inlaws have the blue variety so if it does flower I need to get pictures of it.

So art later I promise :) I will probably do the Foxgloves as a WIP and then cross my fingers it works out. It should but you never know with a new type of paper.

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Tweed Delights said...

My in-laws were looking for L.Daisies - forgot to look out for some for them, feeling guilty now you've reminded me! : /

Cool colourful space - all these colours are great :)

GUGAW said...

ooh well done you with your flower growing, i always get to the green leafy bit but rarely get the flowers :(

Kirsty said...

A day in the lovely.

BumbleVee said...

well, darn it anyway....I wish I lived just 'round the corner!!

I've only ever found Livingstone daisies one time around here and they were absolutely stunning in my blue pots!! I'll have to dig out a pic to post and show you.... they were amazing.... ...

Jennifer Rose said...

oh sorry Alison :/ I'm sure you still might be able to find some?

Gugaw- I hardly get any flowers either. Hubby is the one with the green thumb :)

Kirsty- it was :)

BumbleVee- yes please post a pic if you can find it :) I love them, wish they grew all year round

kaslkaos said...

oh my, I love livingstone daisies. I too would buy them one at a time, in pots, but they always died. Where did you get the seed? Maybe I should try them that way--they fascinate me,

Jenifir said...

I think that I should try the Livingstone Daisies. Would it be too hot in the summer here in Central Canada? It would be fitting. Apparently my family is related to Dr.Livingstone, I presume.

Mr Fuzzy said...

@kaslkaos - Mesembryanthemum is their "proper name" (used to have a lot of people complaining that we didn't stock livingston daisies, not realising they were merchandised under M for "Mesembryanthemum" rather than L for "Livingston daisies"

@Jenifir - They should be fine, they grow virtually anywhere, best way is to start them inside or in a greenhouse, allow them to grow on and plant them outside, somewhere sunny (flowers only open on sunny days) and keep them well watered and they should be perfectly fine. I miss Canadian summer heat, makes growing vegetables a darn sight easier.


Mr Fuzzy said...

page about livingston daisies