Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday photos of the week June 15, 2009

This month is just flying by! 15th of June already o.0

It poured pretty much all day today :/ Great for the flowers and veggies but not so great for wanting to get fit walking around town. I could just use an umbrella but its been so windy that the umbrella ends up inside out and that defeats the whole purpose of the umbrella :p meh its only rain I'm not going to melt (well at least I don't think so.....). Short blog post today of some of the plants in the backyard.

The veggie patch from the stairs. A couple potatoes, beans and the lots of onions.

The strawberry plant and then the peas which have started to grow pods :D so will have fresh peas soon. and hopefully some strawberries if the birds don't get to them first.

A few of the fuschias that we were not sure survived the winter but thankfully they did. I love the pink and white one, the flowers get huge on it :)


Serena said...

Windy days and brollies just don't mix well at all, do they?

Beautiful photos....I'm jealous of your veggie patch. The fuchsias are sooooo pretty!

Liesl said...

Great photos. I love fuschia blooms. I remember pulling them off my mum's plant and playing ballerinas with them!

kerry said...

fuschias are beautiful, wish I could have a garden );

Linda Fleming said...

Everythibng looks so summery with the all the color and growth. Hope you get some sunny days soon.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jennifer Rose, thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it. Your garden looks great, a wee bit ahead of mine here in Ottawa, Canada. :-) The fushias are stunning!

Helen said...

beautiful fuschia blooms!
We had our first straberries :) just planted a few planys in planters and a few hrbs and veggies, your garden look great!

Jenifir said...

Your veggie patch looks great! Ours is so neglected this year: cold wet spring and other distractions. I need to check if any of our strawberries are ripe. The fushias are beautiful. You are so lucky to have them as a (somewhat tender)perennial. I have tried to over-winter them indoors but they seem suceptable to bugs inside. My Mum over-winters them in her greenhouse(in Victoria) but remembers them growing tree-like when she was a child in Ireland.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol no they don't mix at all, I should tie a kite to the umbrella next time. It would probably fly :p

Liesl- cute :) I'd never seen them before moving here

kerry- why can't you have a garden? even a small patio garden works well :)

linda- rain again today :/ hoping for sunshine tomorrow *crosses fingers*

teresa- your welcome, I came across your blog the other day and really enjoyed it :) I haven't been to Ottawa, hopefully get there one day :)

helen- thanks, it looks a lot better then when we first moved in. Wasn't a veggie patch then, ws a couple of half dead bushes :/ no strawberries yet here, lots of flowers tho :)

jenifir- We lost a few of the fuchsias last winter to frost that were in the greenhouse :/ there are a few in the area that are huge trees, they are gorgeous but sometimes they get a little too big