Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday photos of the week June 22, 2009

Saw this flower walking to a grocery store, not as bright as it is here but still very pretty. Wish I had something to cut it with so I could try to get a cutting to grow :)

It rained. No wait. It poured down rain for a good chunk of the afternoon. Little rivers in the street the rain was coming down so fast. But it makes for some nice photos once the sun come out :)

Only the one plant has the white flowers on it, shame as they are really nice.

And more fuchsias :) This pot is going to be just a explosion of purple and red when all of the buds decide to bloom.

And Mr.F's tomatoe plants. One or two have died but the rest seem to be doing well. We did have some of the pots on top of the big drain lid to the left, but when the builder came to check the drains he said we are actually lucky that they drain lid didn't blow. Could have had tomatoe plants go flying 6 feet in the air :p And while I would think thats funny, I don't want to explain to the council why there are tomatoe plants on the roof :p (Mr.F suggests aliens)

Scottish word of the week:

1. sair heidie

Answers to last weeks words:

1. pow is a head or skull

2. jaup is a splash


Sneddonia said...

Sore head?

Jennifer Rose said...

lol nope :D but it would make more sense if that was what it meant then what it does mean :)

Black Cat said...

Beautiful flowers, and I can almost taste those tomatoes!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you draw/paint on that black paper. Back in the day, there was just, well, paper, hahaha! Now there is so much choice that the paper becomes a living part of the art!

Thanks for visiting! The cats are settling in and they're real characters! :) xxx

Michelle Eaton said...

Great photos! I love the rain drops on all the flowers. We had rain all day yesterday too.

HElen said...

Beautiful flowers!

I have some tomatoes plant not tomatoes yet :)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Rain send some my way! We are already in the Monsoon Season but no rain in sight. :(
Lovely all the gorgeous flowers!

Linda Fleming said...

Wish we had some of your rain. We're dry again and the rain keeps passing us by.

Love the photos with the raindrops on the flowers.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Our tomatoes are about the same size.... The flowers are gorgeous!

Tweed Delights said...

Lovely flower pics - would make great drawings!! :D

Ann said...

I look forward to seeing what you do with that black paper. Lovely flowers here, especially those foxgloves. I see lots of drawing possibilities :-)

Serena said...

Love, love, LOVE those fuchsias! We've been getting rain here too over the past few's been nice, gentle rain....just the way I like it ~ :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

I love fushias and those flower shots are gorgeous.

Jennifer Rose said...

Black Cat- so many different types of paper its hard to choose sometimes :) good that the cats are settling in :D

Michelle- thanks :)

Helen- the inlaws have tomatoes on ther plants, some are getting pretty big too but nothing here either :/

Norma- *sends rain*

Linda- *sends rain there too* :)

Michelle- :D I'm shocked that many flowers lived, I always end up killing them lol :/

Alison- some of them will be turned in to drawings :)

Ann- I love the foxgloves, but they are already dying off :/ Too much heavy rain

Serena- Glad its been nice rain and no flooding :) I love the fuchsias, want to put one in the ground but I think it would take over the lawn :)

Shashi- thanks :D