Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday photos of the week June 29,2009

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More flower pictures for this Monday. People might be sick of seeing them but I love all the colours :D And I forgot the camera today going for a walk. Not that I wanted to be standing around in this heat taking pictures. Very very humid out :/

Red rose Mr.F bought me last year, the flowers are getting pretty big on it. :)

Friendly little bee on a pink rose. Well probably not that friendly :p Only been stung twice and that was more then enough times for me :p

More Daises :D
This weeks Scottish word:

1. doup

Answer to last weeks word:

1. sair heidie is sponge cake


Shashi Nayagam said...

The flowers are lovely and so colourful. It has been very hot and humid at this end too. Infact I have the fan on still as the bedroom is baking. I don't think I am going to sleep very much tonight

Linda Fleming said...

Gorgeous colors! I don't think anyone ever gets tired of flowers.

JudiA said...

I don't get tired of flowers, and these are so pretty. That daisy mix looks like a living painting.

Michelle Eaton said...

Beautiful flowers!

Serena said...

the flowers are all so pretty and colourful! nice shots, jennifer!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

What fabulous colour!

Kerry said...

I love the flower photos, so colorful and pretty, I never tire of flowers!!

Macpurp said...

oh i could look at these daisies all day long! mine are not out yet, I planted them out too late this year.
sair heidie.....thats what a I call a sore head!
love teen xx

BumbleVee said...

more Livingstone's....they're beautiful!!

HElen said...

Beautiful flowers and what a burst of colors!