Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm reminded of that Weird Al song...

3/365 10-07-09
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living with a hernia :p

So the results of my ultrasound said that the pain could be caused by a hernia. But could be more adhesions too so have to go talk to a surgeon. Not really looking forward to that as the last time I was under for surgery I could 't move for almost 3 days afterwards :/ fun fun but will just have to wait and see and hope the pain doesn't get any worse.

The little cow playing with the MIL's DS. I really want one of these but still just a bit out of the budget for the moment. One day I will have one :)

Did get some drawing done today but nothing really worth showing as it all looks like chicken scratch :p I am going to be drawing some rocks and pebbles in the next few days, I'm thinking bright coloured rocks that look like they are from another planet :)


Rose Welty said...

A hernia is not funny, really not funny. But, that song is funny. You are brave Jen, we're thinking of you and praying for you.

kaslkaos said...

As usual lately, best of luck on the health front.
And what is that device??? What does it do?
PS. I added the 'link within' widget to my blog. Thanks for the idea. Now I may not bother with more static pages or at least procrastinate the project longer.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hope it is all sorted out soon.

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you Rose :) I don't think I'm brave, just cursed health wise :p

ingrid- thanks :) Its a nintendo DS :D you can play games on it and waste time but I really want one to play one specific game that involves dogs :)

thank you Shashi :)

Serena said...

i hope the surgery will go well and that your recovery will be much better than last time.

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you serena :) I do to